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📰 Holidays are Coming as Coca-Cola Christmas begins

You've seen the Coca-Cola Christmas truck on TV… now see it in real life! 

Coca-Cola taking the truck on tour, stopping at 44 destinations all around Great Britain in the run up to Christmas Day with an exciting new experience to spread holiday magic. You can join the winter wonderland on Weds 30 Nov in Guildhall Square, Southampton between 1pm - 9pm.

The Truck Tour stop is your chance to have a photo taken with the famous truck to share with friends and family. Soak up the festive spirit with seasonal music, a free Coca-Cola, and a secret Christmas surprise and when the sun sets, the truck really comes to life with a special animation powered by the crowd’s seasonal goodwill, celebrating the magic Coca-Cola brings to Christmas.

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    • Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour

    Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour - Photo Credit: Coca-Cola