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    I Am Team GB

Be part of the nation's biggest sports day with Team GB! 
On Saturday 27 August, our returning Olympic heroes are teaming up with local sports and leisure providers to create the nation’s biggest sports day, I Am Team GB – and you’re invited. See below for some local events in Southampton.
Find out more at the I Am Team GB website > 
Did you know that there’ll be nothing worth watching from 9:30-10:30am on Saturday 27 August?
That’s because ITV are switching off all seven of their channels from 9:30am for one hour to encourage the nation to be part of I Am Team GB.
This is the first time that ITV has stopped broadcasting in more than three decades – and it’s for a great cause. Anyone tuning in during that hour will see the message “We’ve gone running – why don’t you join us?”
There are thousands of ways to get involved in the nation’s biggest sports day.So switch off the TV, put that remote control down and set your trainers to run!
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