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📰 Pay less to park in Southampton's City Centre - from 9th March

Many of Southampton’s residents and visitors will pay less for parking in city centre on-street parking bays from Monday, when Southampton City Council changes most of its daytime and evening parking charges, and introduces a new 15-minute evening parking grace period. 

The changes will reduce the cost of on-street evening parking in the city to 50 pence for each half an hour between 6pm and 8pm - replacing the fixed £2 evening parking charge introduced in January 2014.

In addition to this, the council is simplifying on-street parking charges across the city by merging its five parking zones into three and almost halving the number of different daytime on-street parking charges that apply in the city centre from 21 to 12. 

These changes will make it £1 cheaper to park for 90 minutes in the areas with the highest demand for parking and 20 pence cheaper to park for one hour in the same areas.

A new 15-minute ‘grace period’ will also be introduced for evening parking in on-street bays from 5.45pm to 6pm, saving many drivers who arrive to park until after 6pm on up to one hour of daytime parking charges that are currently required to cover this period before evening parking charges apply.   

The times from which evening parking tickets can be purchased will change and vary in accordance with the maximum period of daytime stay of each of the three parking zones.

Councillor Simon Letts, Leader of the Council and Economic Development said: “When I became Leader, I said that we would review parking charges in the city centre and we have. We worked with local businesses and together came forward with a proposal to simplify the system and reduce some charges. I hope that this will encourage many more people to come into our city centre and enjoy what Southampton has to offer.”

Information about the new parking charges can be found here: 

Evening parking tickets can be purchased from 4pm in the Inner Zone, 2pm in the Green Outer Zone and any time in the Grey Outer Zone.

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