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📰 Free mobile charging with 'ChargeBox' at John Lewis, WestQuay

Following a successful trial in John Lewis Watford and Peter Jones over the festive period, John Lewis Southampton are launching ChargeBox, a free-of-charge mobile charging station. ChargeBox’s secure lockers provide 30 minutes of power for mobile phones, mini tablets and other devices. 
Equipped with a variety of cables, shoppers simply locate the correct one for their phone or tablet, connect their device and lock it safely inside the individual unit while they shop. After 30 minutes, charging stops and the device remains securely locked until the owner returns with the key to release it. 
A free standing unit has been installed outside the Place to Eat on the Second floor. If successful it is hoped ChargeBoxes will be installed in other John Lewis shops in summer 2014. 
Mark Venables, head of branch, John Lewis Southampton said: “Having your phone or tablet run out of battery while you are out shopping can be very annoying and we hope that by installing ChargeBoxes in John Lewis Southampton we can provide our customers with a convenient solution.”
Credit: WestQuay Shopping Centre
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