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Southampton's Brand

Partners in Southampton considered and developed a brand for the city.
A brand is:
  • The good name of a product, an organisation or a place
  • A short-cut to an informed buying decision
  • But most importantly: A brand is a promise of value
For Southampton we are trying to convey this promise of value to all our various audiences through everything we do.
The city has a long tradition of being innovative and creative and this is what is driving our development, our communication and our service and this emphasis on innovation and creativity is the brand for Southampton.
It is often difficult to show people a brand, as it is generally something that needs to be experienced, however partners have developed a city brand and identity guide to provide a corporate identity for the city as a whole.
As part of the development of this corporate image for the city, a font has been designed and colours adopted which can be used to promote city activities.
There will be templates and downloads available shortly for partners so they can use these tools to help with their own promotion and communication. In the meantime, if you need any advice or guidance on your own requirements please contact Angie Emmons at Southampton City Council, email  tel 023 8083 2214.


The brand and corporate identity guidelines provide you with a framework where you can chose elements of the city identity which you might be able to adopt for your organisation.
The identity is flexible enough for you to adopt part of it, or all of it depending on what your specific needs are.
There are two main elements of the city identity – the city font and the colour palette.
The font is unique to the city and provides a distinctive visual element for the city. It can already be found on signs, banners and promotional material and is an important part of the visual identity for the city as it can create a sense of being joined up and being part of something bigger than just the individual organisations in the city.
The other element of the city identity is in the use of colours.
Considerable research has been undertaken to identify the most appropriate colours for the city – originally developed for directional signs and maps, the colours have been extended for use on a range of media. There are a range of colours which can be used, so not everything needs to be in one colour. These colours should be used as the base colour for the material wherever possible; however within the overall flexibility of the identity, it can also be effective as a single element.
The key to this identity is flexibility – clearly each organisation has its own distinct identity and it is not suggested that this is replaced in any way. However this does work well where there are joint initiatives, events or activities which promote the city as a whole, or simply to link an organisation to the city overall.
Please download the Southampton Brand Guidelines below: