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Being active is really good for your body, mind and health – Find out ways you and your family can get moving.

Being active reduces your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer – being active daily is also good for mental health and overall wellbeing. 


Active Southampton is a partnership of organisations who promote sport and physical activity across the whole city. There are many events to get involved with for people of all fitness levels. The popular Southampton parkrun takes place every Saturday morning at 09:00am on Southampton Common and health walks and charity events take place throughout the year at venues across the city. Follow the links below to find events and clubs near you and get involved. 

Active Nation manages city leisure and activity centres. Learn more about a variety of classes and courses offered.
For skateboarding and BMX, parks have been provided at: Hoglands Park, Daisy Dip, Hinkler Green, Riverside Park, Veracity Rec, the Sports Centre and Shirley Pond Recreation Ground.   
To book sports pitches for a range of sports including tennis, hockey, netball, football, cricket and lacrosse please contact Active Nation on 023 8079 0693 or email
Get on your bike
Whether you are a keen cyclist or just a beginner, find out more about cycling in Southampton with My Journey .
    • One You Southampton - Move More

    One You Southampton - Move More

My Journey

A great way to increase the amount of exercise you do is to make your everyday journeys more active. You could ditch the car in favour of a brisk walk or even start riding a bike to work. Many companies offer special discounts on new bicycles via the Cycle to Work scheme.  

Whatever you choose, My Journey is here to help you find healthier alternatives to get from A to B. They also hold events and special walks where you can get active and meet new people at the same time.

Visit the My Journey website to find out more.


This Girl Can Southampton: Case Study

This Girl Can Southampton showcases inspiring stories of local women, who take part in Southampton based classes, courses, clubs or just like to exercise alone. This Girl Can Southampton encourages women’s participation in local courses and physical activities that they can incorporate into their busy lives.

"Being active feels like an escape"

My name is Jaz. I’m 30, British Indian and Sikh. I’ve loved playing football since I was 8.

When I was younger, my culture did impact me playing football. I felt it was a barrier, as sports wasn’t well known for an Asian girl like myself. I would often be told that football, in particular, was a sport for men.

I loved football and coaching was something I always wanted to pursue as a career. During some struggles in life, football and coaching took me to a positive place and gave me a sense of direction.

Being active feels like an escape. I’m at my happiest when coaching or taking part in sports. When I’m on the pitch, my head is in the game and the adrenaline rush is like no other. Being active is something you can do alone or with people. Having a social life comes along with the taking part.

I feel I can inspire women by sharing my story around my upbringing and how football is a huge part of my life. Football is a game as much for women as it is for men. Nothing is impossible. Girls can grow up to achieve their goals, just like I have.

I want women in similar situations to know that if you aspire to be something or have a dream in life, follow it through and let your barriers be your strength and motivation, like it has been for me.

If getting active is something you have never tried or are considering but are hesitant, my advice would be to give it a try. There are lots of activities you can get involved in. Once you experience that escaping feeling you won’t ever want to stop. The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. Watch more of our This Girl Can stories