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📰 Go Dry this January

    • Dry January

    Dry January

Kick start 2019 with a plan for healthy living to help you lose weight, drink less and save money!
Why not embrace Dry January and cut out booze completely next month?  Even if you simply cut down rather than totally ban booze, you’ll reduce your risk of over 60 health conditions which are related to drinking alcohol. Doctors recommend you drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week – that’s no more than six pints of 4% lager or six glasses of wine a week and ideally less. As the average pint of beer or glass of wine contains around 200 calories, you’ll quickly see how drinking less can help you lose weight.
Millions of people will be giving up alcohol across the UK for the month of January. Why not challenge yourself to give booze the boot for 31 days this new year and start reaping the benefits. Sign up for Dry January.