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Southampton Interfaith Link and Southampton Council of Faiths

Southampton Interfaith Link (SIFL) and Southampton Council of Faiths (SCOF) are made up of individuals who care passionately about trying to develop an understanding of each other’s faiths and practices in the city of Southampton and surrounding area.

Southampton Interfaith Link offers a few meetings a year where anyone can attend for dialogue and develop understanding. One of the most popular events is the Peace Walk held in June each year when people visit some of the places of worship in the city.

Southampton Council of Faiths grew out of SIFL and provides the ‘official’ engagement with other organisations. There are five representatives for each of the seven main faiths –

The city is quite unique in that SCOF provide advisors each year to the Mayor of Southampton and attend various events such as Remembrance Sunday etc. 

We believe that if we can break down the barriers that appear to divide us we can truly work towards a world where peace is possible in the future. We have already seen some amazing results when people have come together to recognise disasters around the world and we aim to reproduce this in the city.

For further information please visit the Southampton Council of Faiths website

Parish of Southampton City Centre

For over a thousand years Christians in Southampton have worshipped in our churches at the special moments in their lives and week by week. We have one of the most ethnically diverse and culturally rich parishes in the country, not typical either of Southampton itself or the diocese of Winchester.
This means that our mission will always be varied as we seek to be creative in the ways in which we relate the Christian faith. It also means that our congregations are very cosmopolitan and diverse in terms of backgrounds and experience. We have two main mission bases within our parish: St Mary’s church in Southampton, which is the oldest site of Christian worship and St Michael’s church in Southampton which is the oldest surviving church building in the city.
For further information please visit the parish of Southampton City Centre website

Southampton City Catholics

St. Joseph's and St. Edmund's is a warm, welcoming and diverse Catholic community at the heart of Southampton. People from across the globe come regularly to worship here at one of the several Sunday or weekday Masses. Catholics and people of any Christian community or faith (or none) are able to use St Edmund's Church as a place of quiet and reflection throughout the day.
Find out more by visiting the Southampton City Cathoilics website

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Titanic Memorial Window Appeal

A special appeal on behalf of St Mary's Church, Southampton
As we are all aware, the Titanic disaster is a well-known story of global proportions, with few people unaware of when the ‘unsinkable’ British liner foundered in the icy North Atlantic Ocean in April 1912, claiming over 1,500 passengers and crew. No other shipping disaster had shocked governments to make sweeping changes to its laws for the safety of life at sea – and nowhere more was that tragic loss of life more greatly felt than in Southampton.
A total of 885 crew had signed-on the fated ship, and 673 perished; and of these, 549 lived in the port. Chapel and Northam districts suffered the greatest trauma, with very few streets reported not having lost someone. 
There are currently in excess of 1,000 private or public memorials in over 30 countries, each containing a reference to the RMS Titanic.  Yet, despite the terrific loss to Southampton, remarkably no memorial to the forgotten crew exists at St. Mary’s Church.
Some years ago, the Rector Julian Davies started a campaign to raise funds to install a memorial window at the northern side of the building.  Although the plan has continued to receive widespread support, unfortunately, momentum has slowed over recent years.  It is therefore incumbent on the Society’s Officers to bring the plight of the ‘memorial window’ to its member’s attention, and also to those in the wider maritime community.  Many within our Society share the Reverend Julian’s ambition – so now is the time to act!
To date, a little over £10,000 has been raised towards the design, manufacture and installation of the window (which will consist of three constituent parts), however there is still an estimated £18,000 shortfall.  Although the British Titanic Society may not achieve the overall target alone, it would like to raise a considerable amount.  Having discussed the matter in depth, the Officers are agreed it will implement a period of fundraising to commence on the 1st January 2015, and we would greatly encourage YOUR help and support.  In addition, the Society will seek financial contributions from local businesses in Southampton, and invite press coverage to help publicise the event.