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📅 Photohealing: Photography Healing Workshops

Southampton Common | 25th November 2017
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Admission Type: Paid

PhotoHealing: harnessing the power of photography and healing

Learning days with photographer Gil Dekel (PhD), Reiki Master/Teacher.

Dates: Every Saturday at 10am (time is flexible, and can agreed in advance)

Location: Southampton Common / or in and around Southampton - please contact us for details

The way we look at things influences the way we experience life. It is therefore beneficial ‎for the mind and the soul to ‘learn how to see’…
•Would you like to see beauty around you, while taking photos?‎
•How about learning to sense the calming properties that life has to offer, while taking ‎photos?

What is PhotoHealing?

Everyone can take photos, but not everyone sees the beauty and healing that life can offer.  ‎PhotoHealing is the art of sensing the ‘positive’ in life, and ‘absorbing’ it into your body and ‎ heart. Once you see the ‘magic’, then your camera will also be able to ‘see’ and capture it.‎

There is no special trick in doing so. All it takes is opening one’s mind, and learning to observe the‎ splendour that is all around us.

In PhotoHealing sessions we do not focus on the technical side of using cameras, although I will provide guidance and share some ‎technical tips I have learned along the way. Yet, the main focus will be learning to see and truly sensing the ‎scenery around us. We will do so through some photography concepts and life-enhancing observational techniques that I will teach you. Some concepts are: Space (Realistic, Conceptual) – View point (High angle, Low angle) – Composition  –  Depth of Field – Movement  – Projection of shadow – Balance – Lines – ‎Form – Shapes – Light – Colour – Texture.

Sessions usually go like this:
•We meet in agreed place (can be outdoors or indoors).
•A few minutes chat about the camera that you have, and some quick tips for camera handling.
•We will discuss how photo-taking relates to wellbeing and healing?… I will share my experience of learning to ‘see’ and take photos using more than just my eyes…
•We will have fun taking photos, and discuss them. I will work with you before, during, and after the photos shooting.
 We can cover:
 * preparation for taking photos.
 * how to benefit from good composition, light etc.
 * review of the photos once taken.

Although this is not a Photoshop lesson and not a graphic design workshop, still I will share some valuable Photoshop and graphic design tips for improving your images.

You do not need any special skill or photography experience to join. Beginner and ‎experienced are welcome. For groups and 1-to-1. A good camera will be useful, but you can use any camera you ‎have.‎ I use Canon EOS 400D with Sigma lens 18-200mm Macro.

Click on website link for more information and to check the time and agreed venue.

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Photohealing: Photography Healing Workshops

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