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Western Cycle Route - Southampton

    • Western Cycle Route

    Western Cycle Route - Photo Credit: SCC

The Western Cycle Route is one of the busiest cycle routes into and through the city. It runs from Totton and the New Forest into Southampton City Centre and beyond. This route and the investment in it forms part of a strategy to improve cycling and walking options and is referred to in the city council’s Local Transport Plan 3. 

Southampton City Council, as a Highway Authority, is responsible for maintaining and improving the cycling infrastructure within the city. The council is committed to improving sustainable travel options like cycling and walking and is between 2017 and 2019 is undertaking an ambitious plan to enhance the whole of the Western Cycle Route from the city boundary to the city centre. This will be developed with research and consultation driven proposals.

This is part of a strategy to support modal shift and encourage people to reduce car dependency for local journeys. This is essential to support the city’s housing and employment growth targets set out in the City Centre Action Plan.

Second Avenue initial cycle scheme 2016

In 2016 following requests by cyclists and cycling groups, the western section of Second Avenue was redesigned to include a two way segregated cycle-way rom the junction with Allington Road to the junction with First Avenue. This was part funded by the developers of the UPS Depot and Selco store.

Around a thousand cyclists a day now use this new cycle-way which makes it one of the busiest cycle routes in the city.

Completion of the full length cycle scheme 2018

With the planned reconstruction of Millbrook Roundabout funding was secured to complete the Second Avenue two way cycle scheme up to Millbrook Roundabout. This required the purchase of land along Second Avenue and work began in October 2018 and is planned for completion by February 2019. 

Millbrook Road West Cycleway resurfacing 2017

Millbrook Road West cycle and foot-way was resurfaced at the end of 2017 between Third Avenue and Paynes Road (See map). The improvements included declutering the route, cutting back vegitation and providing a level high quality surface for cyclist and pedestrians. The work marked the beginning of wider planned investment in the West Cycle Route. 

Third Avenue Cycle Freeway Consultation - 2018

Third Avenue forms a vital part of the city’s busiest cycle network and is one of the three national cycle network routes into and out of the city.
In July 2018 the council consultated on a proposal to make Third Avenue permenantly one way (east from Manor House Avenue) into a dedicated two way cycle freeway. Providing a link from Millbrook Roundabout to Regents Park Road traffic signals. The consultation closed in August 2018 and the feedback is being used to inform a revised design that will need to go to a formal consultation in 2019.
The map below shows the proposed scheme and you can view a more detailed version by clicking the PDF link below the map. 
Council has investigated options to provide a cycle freeway along Third Avenue, which segregates cyclists from vehicles and provides a direct connection to established facilities on Millbrook Road West and on Second Avenue. By providing the cycle facility on the southern side, the level of conflict with vehicles is reduced to instances of driveway access only. Investigations will be made into providing priority for cyclists over the driveway access points to further improve cycle safety along the route.
Safety is one of the biggest barriers to cycling so the council are looking to provide segregated or low traffic solutions on the city’s main cycle routes. This scheme is part of a wider improvement for the provision of a cycle freeway from the New Forest and Totton into the City Centre and Central Station. 
    • Third Avenue cycle scheme

    Third Avenue cycle scheme - Photo Credit: BBLP

Millbrook Road East - Low Traffic Neighbourhood 2019

Millbrook Road East is the final link from Millbrook Road West cycleway through to the central station and city centre. Millbrook Road East is a mix of residential and business properties but traffic counts in 2018 showed a high level of traffic using it as a cut through to avoid the main routes in and out of the city. 

During the summer 2018 residents were consulted on a scheme to resurface the full length of Millbrook Road East and to introduce measures that would reduce through traffic and create a low traffic neighbourhood that would also enhance the route as a cycle quiet way.

The consultation helped to shape the final design that went to formal consultation Autumn 2018 and an annoucement on the scheme is expected late 2018 / early 2019.

Redbridge Road - Improved cycleway 2019

The Highways England improvements at Redbridge Roundabout planned to start in May 2019 (Read more) will enhance the existing cycle-ways and are expected to extend along Redbridge Road to link into the new cycle route along Second Avenue and First Avenue into Dock Gate 20.