Future Southampton

Western Approach temporary speed limit

Southampton City Council has temporarily reduced the speed limit on the Western Approach to the city from 50mph to 40mph. The change came into effect in August 2016 and applies to both inbound and outbound carriageways from the city boundary on the Redbridge Causeway through to the existing 40mph zone at the Mountbatten Way junction with West Quay Road.

This measure has been introduced following an accident earlier in 2016 when a vehicle struck and dislodged a parapet that forms part of the flyover structure. The damage caused by the accident has now been repaired but the council remains concerned that structures on this route are vulnerable to further vehicle strikes and are currently evaluating the best way to prevent this. The temporary speed restriction is a precautionary measure until further assessments have been carried out and a permanent solution implemented.

The police have recently updated the cameras along this route to modern digital cameras that require less maintenance. The decision was unrelated to the temporary change in the speed limit and the cameras are currently not in use

(Published September 2016)