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Redbridge Village Traffic Management Improvements

Southampton City Council officers attended a public meeting with Redbridge residents to discuss concerns about existing and future traffic issues in the Redbridge village area and potential highway improvements as part of the Section 106 requirements connected to the Evander development on Test Lane.

The focus of the meeting was how traffic flow can be managed to reduce any impact from development on the Redbridge community. Feedback from residents is helping to shape plans. The current access design for the Evander development should prove effective in directing traffic away from residential areas but will be closely monitored. A number of additional measures are being consided.

Attendees suggestions and questions raised at this meeting and the council’s responses are shown below:

Commitment/Query Response

Review the signage at Redbridge Roundabout onto Gover Road and Old Redbridge Road to discourage HGVs whose sat navs direct them wrongly into Gover Road

Additional width/weight restrictions at these junctions will be investigated as part of any package of traffic management changes associated with the S106 funding. Such restrictions would still permit access for HGVs making deliveries to properties, carrying out home removals etc.

Speak to the owners of the Nissan Garage to prevent inconsiderate parking on Old Redbridge Road

SCC Officers have written to the garage managers to highlight the available loading/unloading facilities and that these should be used where possible

Revisit the option for access to the Evander site to be from the M271

Following discussions with Highways England, they have confirmed their position that new accesses from trunk roads will only be approved where a strategic need is identified at the Local Plan stage. It wouldn’t be approved to enable just a single development to go ahead. National policy on accesses from trunk roads can be viewed here, see sections 37 - 44.

At this particular location, a left in and out would not be acceptable for safety reasons. The distance between those joining the M271 at a new access and those leaving at J1 is too short. It therefore would not meet any safety standards or get approval as a departure.

Consider a Home Zone and chicanes as currently in operation elsewhere in the city e.g. Radcliffe Road

These will be investigated as part of the of any package of traffic management changes associated with the S106 funding

Investigate whether a Restricted Access / Residents Only access could be implemented and enforced

This would not be possible. Such a scheme would prevent genuine visitors from accessing the area as well as deliveries, services etc. The scheme would also require the installation of cameras to monitor vehicles which not permissible under UK legislation in these circumstances.

Ensure a “No Left Turn” sign outside the Echo Offices is reinstated.

The sign has now been installed

Transport Policy and Highways to work with Redbridge Residents Association to find a solution to traffic issues in Redbridge

SCC committed to develop a package of mitigation measures as specified in the S106 agreement and will continue to consult with local residents.

Check with Hampshire Constabulary that any new “No Left/Right Turn” signs will be enforced by them

Police will be made aware of any new restrictions in advance. It should be stressed that the Police do not have resources to enforce minor traffic restrictions in a meaningful way. To address this, the proposed junction layout at the new site will restrict the occurrence of such contraventions.

Planning to advise on the S106 and outline what is being done to mitigate the forecast increase in vehicle movements once the Evander site is operational

S106 agreement specifies a package of measures with associated funding secured. The S106 agreement is now a public document and can be viewed on Public Access. Planning Ref 14/01911/FUL

It should also be noted that some of the measures already proposed, specifically the highway alterations to make it difficult to turn into/out of the site towards Redbridge Village, were a consequence of the forecast increases in traffic contained within the Transport Assessment.

Confirmation of the 30mph speed restriction along Test Lane and 20mph along Redbridge Village Roads

Draft S106 does specify a 30mph restriction along Test Lane. No specific commitment to 20mph in S106, but this will be reviewed as part of the wider package of mitigation measures.

Implementation of Clean Air Zone to be confirmed Redbridge Village to be included

Clean Air Zone is still in development with extent of Zones to be confirmed

Residents Permit Parking to be considered

There is a trigger mechanism in the S106 for this, with pre and post parking survey to be carried out by the developer to establish any parking impact related to the development

Confirm Highways England proposals for Redbridge Roundabout

Highways England have completed their feasibility studies. They are now planning the next stage of the project which includes sharing information on proposed improvements to the roundabout. SCC have been advised that this is planned for later this year. This is a link to the Highways England information page.

Highways England are aware of the options SCC are looking into for the Redbridge Village area and the consultation we are undertaking with local residents.