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Oxford Street experimental pedestrianisation

Due to on-going damage to the pavements at the eastern end of Oxford Street, caused by vehicles parking and overrunning the paving, Southampton City Council are implementing an experimental road closure and pedestrianisation of Oxford Street east of John’s Street from 13 March (See map). This has been planned to follow on from the work to replace the gas main and will begin with the repair of the damaged paving.

Following some initial discussions with businesses on Oxford Street the council was asked to extend the pedestrianisation to include all of the paved part of Oxford Street up to the junction with Latimer Street. The council has agreed to consider options for further pedestrianisation in the future and plan to discuss and review this with local residents and businesses during the experimental closure.

A new loading bay has also been proposed to be installed on John Street to provide additional loading and unloading. The remainder of the paved part of Oxford Street will continue to allow loading and unloading in the mornings from 6am until 11am. 

    • Oxford Street trial pedestrianisation

    Oxford Street trial pedestrianisation - Photo Credit: BBLP

Repairing the damaged paving

Initially as part of the experimental closure, the damaged pavement will be repaired and this work will require the use of temporary barriers and signs to close the road while work is undertaken. Once the paving repairs are completed a more in keeping closure will be installed that will include temporary planters and bollards while we monitor the experimental closure. Works are planned to take up to six weeks to complete (weather permitting).

The repairs will include some minor repairs to the rest of the paving outside of the closed area. These repair works may temporarily impact on tables and chairs that businesses have on the street. Those businesses that are affected will be contacted individually as work progresses. We will be working as quickly as we can to minimise any disruption. 

Monitoring and review

The experimental closure is planned to be monitored for at least six months when feedback from businesses, residents and other stakeholders will be recorded and considered.

During this period the council will be discussing with residents and businesses about whether to consider a further trial pedestrianisation of the section up to Latimer Street.