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Third Avenue - Major road improvements

Latest news - November 2018 Update

Resurfacing of Third Avenue was completed in September ahead of the Millbrook Roundabout scheme starting. Informal consultation on the proposed cycle scheme was concluded in August and the feedback received is helping to shape the proposal. There is planned to be an anouncement and revised design that will need to be formally consultated on before a cycle scheme on Third Avenue can go ahead. We will keep you posted.


Resurfacing the full length of Third Avenue – from 25 June 2018 (ten weeks)

Balfour Beatty is working in partnership with Southampton City Council to manage the highways service across Southampton.  As part of this, Third Avenue was fully resurfaced over the summer 2018. Proposals for improved cycle and pedestrian access were consulted on during the works to help shape the design. 
The resurfacing work were completed in September as planned ahead of the Millbrook Roundabout full reconstruction, starting in October.

Day time restrictions (five weeks)

The resurfacing of Third Avenue began with ground preparation works to replace concrete sections and repair kerbs and drainage. Work required Third Avenue to be closed one-way inbound (east-bound) in two phases starting from 25 June 2018 for up to five weeks (see map). 
  • Phase 1 working in area 1 required the entire length of Third Avenue (both area 1 and 2) to be one-way for up to two weeks. 
  • Phase 2 working in area 2, required Third Avenue to be one-way from Manor House Avenue to Regents Park junction for up to three weeks. 

Night time closures (five weeks)

After the ground preparation works, there was five weeks of nighttime closures (8pm-6am, Monday-Friday including some weekends) for laying larger concrete sections and resurfacing. 
  • Phase 3 concrete laying area 1, required area 1 to be closed overnight for up to two weeks. 
  • Phase 4, resurfacing area 1, required area 1 will be closed overnight for up to one week. 
  • Phase 5 resurfacing area 2, required area 2 to be closed overnight for up to two weeks. Work was in smaller sections to allow for access. Those businesses directly affected were kept updated with progress. 
The timing of the phasing was indicative and weather permitting.  
    • Third Avenue work areas

    Third Avenue work areas - Photo Credit: BBLP

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Cyclist diversions

Regrettably it was not be possible to maintain two-way cycling access when the one-way restrictions and overnight closures were in place and cyclists were diverted to the north side of Millbrook Road West.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access was maintained throughout via the pavements. For health and safety reasons pedestrians are not permitted into the segregated works area. If you require assistance, please speak with a site marshal.

Thank you for bearing with us while these important works were being carried out. During these works there were periods when vehicle access was not always possible. For health and safety reasons, pedestrians are not permitted into the segregated works areas; if you ever require access please speak with a site marshal.

Third Avenue - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why did we do the work on Third Avenue Summer 2018?

The timing is partly down to the deterioration of the road and availability of funding this year. The specific timing was to avoid conflict with other major highways work also planned to be undertaken in 2018 and 2019, these included Millbrook Roundabout and Redbridge Roundabout. 

Why wasThird Avenue made one way when work was only at one end?

To allow safe working areas, required initially the western end of Third Avenue to be made one way and the exit to Millbrook Roundabout to be closed. This meant that any HGVs entering Third Avenue at Regents Park Junction had no way to exit or to turn around, so it was necessary to make the whole length of Third Avenue one way for the whole five weeks of ground preparation works. Once work were completed Third Avenue reopened two way.

Who funded this work?

This work is being undertaken as part of enabling works funded through the Millbrook Roundabout scheme provided by the DfT through the local area partnership. 

How can I find out​ more information?

For up-to-the-minute travel information follow us on Twitter @scchighways. For information about any authorised highway works in the city visit www.southampton.roadworks.org. If you require any further information about these works you can contact us via  There is also additional information online at www.southampton.gov.uk/roads-parking/road-maintenance/third-avenue-resurfacing

Southampton roads programme 2015-2021

Southampton City Council has set out it's five year roads programme from 2015 to 2021. The plans are based on core funding levels but over time any additional funding and schemes will be incorporated. The map can be expanded and interogated online.