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Major road improvements

Winchester Road Overnight Resurfacing 2017

A large part of Winchester Road is being resurfaced in June and July 2017. The works are planned to be carried out in phases. Working Monday to Friday, 7.40pm to 6am 

Phase 1 – Winchester Road from Anglesea Road to just before Dale Road and St James Road from the junction with Winchester Road up to Church Street.

Phase 2 – Winchester Road across the junction with Dale Road up to Luccombe Road

Phase 3 – Winchester Road across the junction with Luccombe Road up to and including half of the roundabout with Hill Lane. Access at the roundabout will be limited to one way, see inset map. 

Phase 4 – Winchester Road roundabout with Hill lane. Access at the roundabout will be limited to southbound and westbound movements, see inset map. 

The work has been carefully programmed to fit around other summer works in the city, major events and busy dates. Work has been broken into several phases to maintain access and reduce the impact.

Please accept our apologies if you are affected by these essential works.

Latest update:

Work on Winchester Road has been delayed by two days due to weather conditions and plant failure earlier in the programme. Work the revised final phases of road closures overnight are shown on the drawings below.

Phase 3: 4 July to 7 July

Phase 4: 10 July to 11 July

    • Winchester Road phase 3 revised dates

    Winchester Road phase 3 revised dates - Photo Credit: BBLP

    • Winchester Road phase 4 revised dates

    Winchester Road phase 4 revised dates - Photo Credit: BBLP

Winchester Road FAQs:

Q: Why was the work carried out?

A: Winchester Road was in poor condition between Hill Lane and Anglesea Road and has been identified as requiring a new surface layer to prevent it needing more substantial repairs in the near future. The new surface should last another ten to twelve years.

Q: Why was the work carried out at night?

A: The work was planned to be carried out overnight to reduce the impact and disruption for the city.

Closing Winchester Road during the day would have a significant impact on the city as it would have overloaded the other routes into the city and caused significant congestion. Winchester Road is very busy all throughout the day until around 7pm.

Q: Why was the work carried out during June?

A: Unfortunately winter nights were ruled out due to the overnight temperatures and weather conditions which would not allow us to lay the road surface required. This only leaves the warmer dryer middle of the year.

The specific timing for Winchester Road was carefully considered to fit around other major work planned on the network as well as major events.

Q: Were all other options and timing thoroughly looked at?

A: Yes, day time closures, contraflow, winter night-time work were all considered and ruled out as the impact would be too great for the city.

Q: Will the work include all of Hill Lane Roundabout?

A:  The majority of the roundabout is being resurfaced but the north and south turns were in good condition so are not being resurfaced at this time. 

Q: Is there compensation for the disruption?

A: The council as the Highway Authority has a statutory duty to maintain the roads and cannot be found liable for the disruption caused while carrying out necessary maintenance and repair. However the council and it's highways partner will always plan work carefully aiming to reduce the impact of any works on businesses, residents or visitors as much as possible.

Southampton roads programme 2015-2021

Southampton City Council has set out it's five year roads programme from 2015 to 2021. The plans are based on core funding levels but over time any additional funding and schemes will be incorporated. The map can be expanded and interogated online.