Future Southampton

Transport Projects in Southampton

Southampton City Streets 

City Streets is a bold new project that will provide the infrastructure backbone needed for the city's ambitious development plans (outlined in the City Centre Master Plan), bringing new jobs to Southampton.

In particular, the City Streets programme will support economic development in the Station Quarter, the Port of Southampton and area around Platform Road, the Civic Centre, and the Cultural Quarter. With a focus on improving transport networks and facilities, the programme will help enable communities and businesses in the city centre to prosper.

Please take a look at the PDF documents below to find out more about City Streets and what will be involved.

Improvements to the transport network in Southampton are an integral part of the city’s plans for economic development. Key developments include the Platform for Prosperity project which will help enable growth at the port, Royal Pier and along the waterfront, and the Woolston district centre improvements project.

Platform For Prosperity project

SO14 3FU

The Platform For Prosperity project is enabling growth at the port of Southampton and within the city centre. Improvement works have alleviated traffic congestion along Town Quay, Platform Road and the surrounding road network for the benefit of local businesses, residents and visitors.

Woolston district centre improvements

SO19 9DZ

Centenary Quay is an exciting new mixed-use development being built on the old Vosper Thornycroft site in Woolston. The development presents an opportunity for Woolston district centre and the wider area to flourish.