Future Southampton

Our Vision For Future Southampton

Southampton’s city centre vision begins with a City Centre Master Plan; a plan which once completed, will bring over 24,000 new jobs, 5,000 new homes and a staggering £3 billion of investment into the city by 2030. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well now is the time to find out about the range of unique investor and developer opportunities in Southampton. We’re a city on the move and we’d like you to join us on our journey.

With a multitude of development projects completed and underway right across the city, Southampton is fast strengthening its position as the retail and business powerhouse on the south coast. Aside from our VIP Projects outlined in the Master Plan, other changes include the £7 million refurbishment of WestQuay Shopping Centre’s Food Terrace, completed in autumn 2012; the £120 million construction project at the University of Southampton’s Boldrewood Site (due for completion in 2014); the regeneration of Compass House and Compass Point on Romsey Road; and the £15 million investment in the estates regeneration project at Hinkler Place (due for completion in summer 2013).

Alongside enviable business opportunities, Southampton's developments are offering residents the luxury of prestigious and affordable housing. Yes, our city really can offer the whole package - we're committed to creating the right environment for residents to strike a fantastic work/life balance.

Our city is continuing to grow despite the economic stagnation present in other cities. Enough of the recession pessimism - with even more developments in the pipeline, you can see Southampton’s ambitions are very much based on reality.

Our Master Plan focuses on transforming seven areas in the city centre over the next 20 years, many of which are already undergoing impressive changes (please visit our City Centre Master Plan page for details of each project).

    • Station Quarter north side indicative development (Credit: Urban Movement)

    Station Quarter north side indicative development (Credit: Urban Movement)

    • Platform Road post development works (indicative)

    Platform Road post development works (indicative)

    • Civic Place (indicative), public realm improvements will extend from the Station Quarter to the Cultural Quarter (Credit: Balfour Beatty)

    Civic Place (indicative), public realm improvements will extend from the Station Quarter to the Cultural Quarter (Credit: Balfour Beatty)

    • Royal Pier aspirational image (Credit: MSIL)

    Royal Pier aspirational image (Credit: MSIL)

    • Plans for redevelopment along Queensway (Credit: Design ACB)

    Plans for redevelopment along Queensway (Credit: Design ACB)

    • Artist Impression - Watermark WestQuay (Credit: Hammersons PLC)

    Artist Impression - Watermark WestQuay (Credit: Hammersons PLC)

    • Southampton's New Arts Complex, The Cultural Quarter (Credit: CZWG)

    Southampton's New Arts Complex, The Cultural Quarter (Credit: CZWG) - Photo Credit: CZWG

    • Centenary Quay Phase 1 completion (Credit: Crest Nicholson Regeneration)

    Centenary Quay Phase 1 completion (Credit: Crest Nicholson Regeneration)

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Our visionary plan for the city centre will be delivered through action across six themes:

A great place for business

Major national and international companies will be attracted by the business opportunities available in the city’s new prestigious central business district, located between the Central Station and the waterfront. Find out more about each of our development plans via the map of Master Plan VIP projects here. Perhaps you too will want to jump on our ever-growing business bandwagon?

A great place to visit

Additional high-end and speciality shops, plus a greater choice of leisure and cultural attractions, new restaurants and an extensive programme of exciting events will create a buzz of activity, guaranteed to enthral visitors. 
Fancy a beverage while gazing over the quayside? Southampton’s waterfront will host vibrant new attractions together with cafés and restaurants, parks, promenades and piers. In the city centre, SeaCity Museum and a new dynamic arts complex will ensure the Cultural Quarter continues to thrive. We’re confident these transformations will offer visitors to Southampton an exceptional coastal city experience.
    • SeaCity Museum

    SeaCity Museum

A great place to live 

New and existing communities will prosper in attractive and safe neighbourhoods, offering the excitement and convenience of city centre living. 5,000 new homes are planned, offering both prestigious and affordable housing; family homes and apartments. New homes will benefit from easy access to local shops and services, community facilities, and attractive parks. New commercial development will provide significant and diverse employment opportunities. So if you’re currently feeling disheartened by a lack of opportunities, look no further than Southampton – we’re a fiercely ambitious city, putting plans into action to ensure the future is bright for our communities.

A greener centre 

Our ambition is to become the leading low carbon city in the UK. We will continue to develop renewable and sustainable energy resources and networks, reduce the use of natural resources, and focus on green design for new buildings. To help protect our city and enhance its distinctiveness, a coordinated and realistic approach to flood mitigation and surface water drainage will be introduced. 
Southampton is the first city in the country to factor a ‘Landscape Framework’ into a Master Plan. Integral to our Landscape Framework is the creation of ‘green’ and ‘blue networks’ throughout the city. The blue network will consist of water channels and features that store rainwater in a sustainable drainage system. While providing a habitat for wildlife, as well as aesthetic benefits, softer landscaping and water features in our streets and squares will help reconnect the city centre to the sea.

Attractive and distinctive

As part of the Landscape Framework set out in our Master Plan, our green network will comprise a series of charming tree-lined streets, pedestrian-friendly routes, parks, and civic spaces. This network will unite the city centre; from Bedford Place to the waterfront and from Central Station to Ocean Village and the River Itchen. There will be no excuse not to get some fresh air and stretch your legs in our scenic civic spaces. 
Southampton’s maritime heritage will be respected and enhanced by original architecture, with landmark buildings defining key points of arrival in the city centre, major civic spaces and along Southampton’s extensive waterfront. Architectural creativity and talent are integral to our visionary plans, and we’re confident our cityscape will inspire other cities to follow in our low carbon footsteps.
    • Admiral's Quay, Ocean Village

    Admiral's Quay, Ocean Village

    • Admiral's Quay, Ocean Village

    Admiral's Quay, Ocean Village

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Easy to get around

We will encourage greater uptake of walking, cycling and use of public transport by enhancing the city’s infrastructure and public transport provision. Public car parks will be strategically located at the edge of the city centre, and pedestrian access will be improved via a network of well-signed, attractive routes. Southampton Central Station will be significantly enhanced as a transport interchange, enabling easy access to improved bus services and facilities. 
Crucially, these improvements tie in with our ‘green’ agenda, and we hope our example of sustainable travel will inspire other cities to follow suit. And, frankly, the prospect of a congestion-free commute to work or trip to town is exciting for all of us who live and work in the city. Many Sotonians have already joined the commuter revolution, where a walk or cycle journey to work is proving wonderfully life affirming. We're sure our city centre improvement plans will spread the sustainable travel bug even further! Find out more about travel options in Southampton at www.myjourneysouthampton.com
Please click on the links on the map below for more details about each of the city centre development projects. If you would like to find out more about developer or investor opportunities in Southampton, please visit www.investinsouthampton.co.uk, call 023 8083 2918 or email