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📰 MSC Bellissima will be named in Southampton

    • MSC Bellissima

    MSC Bellissima - Photo Credit: MSC Cruises

The new addition to the MSC Cruises fleet will become the largest ship to be named in Southampton on 2 March. The event will capture the essence of the ship’s name Bellissima, with a stunning array of live entertainment and performances awaiting the specially invited guests from around the world. 

This brand new cruise ship will certainly live up to her name meaning “most beautiful” by offering guests a beautiful and memorable cruise experience.

The MSC Bellissima will feature Cirque du Soleil at Sea, which will create shows exclusively for the ship. Bellissima will also feature cutting-edge technology which passengers can use make payments, book spa treatments and specialty restaurants, as well as allow parents to geo-locate their children. It will also debut a cruise first - a voice enabled, artificial intelligence digital cruise "assistant" called Zoe, which will be placed in every cabin and is pre-programmed to answer 800 cruise-related questions. The device will be rolled out to all subsequent new builds.

All the Meraviglia Class ships are designed for efficiency, with scrubber technology to neutralize carbon dioxide emissions; the ships will also be water emission free.
In addition to offering the very latest in guest technology, MSC Bellissima will be fitted with a large number of environmental features and innovative technology to reduce her environmental footprint. Just like her sister ship MSC Meraviglia, she will be equipped with, amongst others: an exhaust gas cleaning system for cleaner emissions; an advanced wastewater treatment system; smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) to recover heat from machinery spaces; and LED lighting and smart devices to significantly save energy. This is all part of MSC Cruises commitment to provide guests with the best holiday experiences at sea in a sustainable way. 
Gross Tonnage:171,598
Length/Beam/Height:315.3 m / 43 m / 65 m
Maximum speed:22.7 knots
Crew members:1,536
Number of passengers:5,686
Number of Cabins:2,217
The MSC Bellissima will be berthed at the City Cruise Terminal (Berth 101) and can be viewed from Mayflower Park.
Arrival Time: 01-Mar-19 07:25 / Departure Time: 03-Mar-19 16:00
Arrival Time: 04-Mar-19 07:15 / Departure Time: 04-Mar-19 19:00 

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