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Cycling Southampton Strategy 2017-2027

The Cycling Southampton Strategy 2017- 2027 sets out our future plan for investing in, and realising, our vision for cycling so that it is treated as a normal form of transport.
The strategy outlines the work that has already been undertaken, sets out a plan of proposed improvements to the cycle network and identifies initiatives to realise the benefits that cycling can bring to the city.
People told us that they want to see more cycle paths and lanes, along with safer roads, reduced speeds, less aggressive driving, less traffic and better awareness would help them to cycle more often.
This strategy sets out our response to this with an ambitious vision and a delivery plan that has funding for the first three years, to achieve a transformation into a true 'cycling city'.
As well as the secured funding we have secured for the first three years, we will continue to pursue external funding from various sources such as developer contributions, bids to central Government, the EU, Solent LEP, and other sectors and organisations.