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📰 Southampton number 1 most cost effective city in England for students

Southampton has recently been revealed to be the most economical city in England in which to study, according to the NatWest Student Living Index 2015. 
This year, Southampton has ranked in position 2 in the Student Living Index 2015, making it the 2nd most cost effective university city in the UK and the most cost effective place to study in England. 
The research revealed the 25 most cost effective university cities in the UK by looking at a combination of low living costs and the earning potential for term-time jobs. Due to a combination of having the highest term-time income compared to any other university city and below average costsfor items such as rent and utility bills, Southampton has performed strongly in this year’s index. 
When it comes to sports and fitness activities, Cheerleading and Dance proved the most popular, with students in Southampton amongst the highest spenders in these sports compared to other university cities. 
The results of the survey also revealedthat Southampton students benefit from one of the lowest expenditures on going out, as well as socialising in general, making it the ideal location for an affordable night-out. 
The results of the index show Southampton to be a cost effective city in more ways than one, and demonstrate that Southampton is a great city for students to be living in this year. 
You can view the full results of the survey here.
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