Future Southampton

📰 Full steam ahead for Station Quarter development

The first phase of works to rejuvenate Southampton’s Station Quarter is almost complete. Towards the end of October the finishing touches will be made to the 9 month long programme of works that has seen a complete refresh of footpaths and road north of Central Station into the city centre.

Councillor Jacqui Rayment, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “As one of our ‘City Centre Master Plan VIP’ projects the improvements to the Station Quarter will help us create a more welcoming arrival experience, enhancing the perception of our city for residents and visitors. We appreciate that these works have caused some unavoidable disruption although we have tried to ensure that this has been kept to a minimum.  In the long run the new development will provide better pedestrian links with the city centre, improved taxi and bus management and a safe, green travel connections.”

From today (20 October) a flurry of final activities will be noticeable, as the highway is resurfaced, block paving on footways is completed and new lighting is installed on Blechynden Terrace. These finishing works will be taking place across the site, and will require some tweaks and amendments to the pedestrian and vehicle route through and around the site throughout this time. Signage and traffic management will be in place to ensure commuters and residents are able to complete their journeys safely.

In addition to the completion of phase one, works to enable phase two will also begin. Subject to a final funding agreement being approved with Government in the coming weeks, funding will be available to enable the next phase of improvements, which includes the creation of an amphitheatre style events area that will provide a permanent home for the Station Quarter Farmers Market.  During the second phase of works, which will last until November 2015, the market may need to postpone activities for a short period of time, although alternative locations are being considered.

Phase two will see removal of a small number of trees from the area, to enable the redesign of the space, which will include the replanting of a wider variety of trees. The improvements will result in better connectivity and a more pleasant environment in which to linger. 

Other changes will include creating a more compact junction at Commercial Road / Wyndham Place with new pedestrian crossings and advanced stop lines for cyclists. This will require changes to the Morris Road junction to remove the traffic signals and will restrict traffic turning right into and out of the road.

A raised table junction outside of Wyndham Place will be postponed until later phases, when the whole of Wyndham Place is resurfaced. Some of the paving along West Park Road may also be postponed until the completion of Mayflower Halls gym and shop fit out.

    • Station Quarter north side indicative development (Credit: Urban Movement)

    Station Quarter north side indicative development (Credit: Urban Movement)