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📰 Central Bridge reopening set for November

The ongoing maintenance works on Central Bridge will extend until 14 November 2014.  

This delay is due to a number of unforeseen problems with the structure, including some historic damage.

As the waterproofing works required the surface of the road to be removed, it wasn’t until this task was complete, that many of the structural issues came to light and the underlying condition of the bridge was found to be much worse than anticipated.  

When completed, the bridge will have a new waterproof deck which will help to protect the structure and the arches below.  The road layout has been designed to allow traffic to access the Itchen Bridge from Terminus Terrace.  It will also provide cyclists with a more direct route into the city from Woolston as part of the Eastern Cycle Route corridor, thus completing the new traffic arrangements in this area of the city.

These works are one of a number of initiatives across the city to manage and improve ‘pinch points’ on the highway network.  Southampton City Council received a total of £2.4 million ‘pinch point’ funding from the Department of Transport in 2014, which; is also funding improvements to the Milbrook and Redbridge flyovers, will facilitate improvements to Northam River Bridge in the near future, as well as the Western Approach Rail Bridge that was completed earlier this year.
In order to continue to minimise traffic disruption for users of the bridge, the council and Balfour Beatty Living Places are changing the local signing to reflect the new timescales, local residents and key stakeholders are also being briefed, including bus operators and organisers of the Boat Show.  It is anticipated that there will be minimum impact on traffic during this event.

Councillor Jacqui Rayment, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “The bridge is over 100 years old, so the original drawings that we’ve been working to have been superseded by improvements and fixes that had not been documented, could not have been foreseen and have thrown up some challenges for our engineers. 
“However, once we had finally removed the road surface, we’ve been able to add the waterproofing layer to secure the bridge structure for the future and are now working to rebuild the carriageway, including the extension of the Woolston-City Centre Eastern Cycle Route.”
    • Redevelopment of south side of Central Station - indicative only

    Redevelopment of south side of Central Station - indicative only