Future Southampton

📰 £1.2 million Arts Council England revenue funding for new Arts Complex

Southampton City Council has been successful in its bid for Arts Council funding of £1,264,251 million, to support the development of Southampton’s new arts complex and a dynamic programme of arts up to and beyond its launch in 2016.  The funding is awarded for three years from April 2015 to March 2018.

The council’s application, met a number of requirements in order to be awarded the funding, including; having an excellent vision, strong partnership (both existing and planned), the ability to support diversity and talent development, and plans to engage ‘hard to reach’ audiences.

    • Arts Complex by night from Guildhall Square

    Arts Complex by night from Guildhall Square - Photo Credit: Grosvenor GBI

Councillor Stephen Barnes-Andrews, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Resources and Leisure, said: “This funding from Arts Council England demonstrates a wide commitment to promoting high quality arts for all in Southampton. The funding will support the arts complex in creating a great future and a solid foundation for its work.  It will enable it to further its reputation locally and nationally as a hub for the arts, at the heart of the city, and its Cultural Quarter.

“As the building begins to really take form physically, this funding increases anticipation for residents and visitors alike, about what we can expect to see and take part in when the complex opens in 2016.”

Phil Gibby, Area Director, South West, Arts Council England said: ‘We are very pleased to be investing additional funds in Southampton’s new arts complex. Southampton City Council’s commitment to retaining its involvement in this project was a critical factor in awarding the increase. This will support their ambition to bring great art and culture into the heart of the city, delivering a programme of high quality performances and educational and outreach work, developed independently and with a wide range of cultural and other partners.  We very much look forward to continuing to work with Southampton City Council in achieving our mission of great art and culture for everyone.’
Future arts complex future tenant, the University of Southampton John Hansard Gallery, also received an offer of ongoing Arts Council England national portfolio revenue funding of over £1. 3 million over the same three year period.