Future Southampton

📰 New Platform Road dual carriageway open

Platform Road has now opened to two way traffic and the permanent traffic lights at Dock Gate 4 are in full operation. While this marks an important and significant milestone in the Platform for Prosperity scheme, drivers should be aware that ABP is still undertaking road works within the docks which may continue to impact traffic on Platform Road in the short term.

With this phase of the scheme complete, we are now moving on to the next phases. The Terminus Terrace end of Queens Terrace has now been closed although the car park will remain open until further notice. The bus stop on Queen’s Terrace has been relocated to Orchard Place which has now been opened to two way traffic.

The Canute/Platform/Terminus Terrace junction will be under temporary signal control with the short part of Terminus Terrace between this junction and the end of Queens Terrace becoming two way.
This is a significant change to the road design and road users should approach with caution until you have had a chance to get used to the new arrangements.

The main things to be aware of are:

  • the closure of Queen Terrace at the Terminus Terrace end
  • Orchard Place and Terminus Terrace becoming two way
  • new permanent lights in operation at Dock Gate 4
  • temporary traffic lights will be in operation at the Canute Road, Platform Road junction until the permanent traffic lights are commissioned
  • the bus stop on Queen’s Terrace has been moved to Orchard Place.

The map (below) shows the proposed road layout in the area once all the works in this area are complete.

Work is now concentrated on building the stretch of dual carriageway at Town Quay which will complete the dual carriageway link between West Quay Road and the Eastern Docks.
Work on the Town Quay dual carriageway is planned for completion in Autumn 2014.

    • new road layout map coloured

    new road layout map coloured