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📰 Chapel Riverside site for sale

Southampton City Council is now advertising the site at Chapel Riverside for sale, to potential developers.  The site forms part of Southampton’s City Centre Master Plan VIP Project Itchen Riverside Quarter, as a key area for future economic growth in the city.

The vision for the Chapel Riverside site is immense; with a focus on housing, leisure, recreational and marine employment uses.  The development will kick-start wider development of an entirely new, vibrant and exciting city neighbourhood, and provide a welcoming gateway to the city. 

    • Chapel Riverside wide aerial map

    Chapel Riverside wide aerial map

Critical to the development is the need to improve the physical connections to and from the waterfront, including provision of well designed, attractive and safe public access to the waterfront; and to preserve key views of the water and maritime activity, some of which have been lost over time.  The provision of a mix of Solent maritime employment uses is also central to any scheme for the site.

Once these conditions are re-established, the development will include; bars, restaurants, places to dwell and activities for children. There will be clear and well defined routes to the city centre and south towards the water sports clubs and Ocean Village.

The adopted Core Strategy designates the site as being within the city centre, making it a focus for major development to enhance the city’s regional status.  The site has, until recently, been used as a council depot and waste management centre. 

The site measures 3.6 Hectares (8.89 acres) and has a 500m frontage to the River Itchen.  The residential standards for the site recommend that development should include: 35% affordable housing, 30% family housing, a minimum of 100 dwellings per hectare and .22 acres (890 square metres) of open space per 1000 residents.

The site will also provide a mix of uses linked to the Solent maritime economy, where clustering is likely to uncover new business opportunities and where access to the riverside provides an important facility for research and testing.

Councillor Simon Letts, Leader of the Southampton City Council, said: ““I am delighted that we are now starting the process to develop the Itchen Riverside.  Although the project is in its infancy, I am sure we will attract a lot of positive interest and secure a developer committed, like me, to bringing jobs and homes to the city.  We will ensure that whatever is proposed will include full public access to the waterfront.

“We are seeking to attract a range of high-tech marine activities that compliment and support existing businesses and make best use of the riverside setting. These will sit alongside well designed high quality homes that have good links to the city centre and south towards the watersports clubs and Ocean Village”

More information is available at: www.chapelriverside.co.uk

    • Centenary Quay illustration

    Centenary Quay illustration