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    • Future Southampton - Watermark WestQuay (Credit: Hammersons)

    Future Southampton - Watermark WestQuay (Credit: Hammersons)

    • Centenary Quay

    Centenary Quay

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We have a vision. A vision that once completed will bring £3 billion of investment, create 24,000 jobs and bring 5,000 new homes to the city by 2030. A long shot? We don’t think so. In fact, with £1 billion of development already underway or in the pipeline, we’re well on the way to achieving great things.

There is no doubt that these are exciting times for a city that is bucking the national trend of doom and gloom. But it’s not just all about buildings and money. One of the key themes of our City Centre Master Plan is our ambition to make Southampton one of the world’s leading low carbon cities. Find out how we plan to achieve this by exploring 'Our Vision' page.

Southampton’s relationship with the sea is long and prosperous, and our plans for the future will ensure this continues with proposed waterfront developments alongside other developments reconnecting the city centre to the waterfront. From regeneration of our extensive waterfront to world-class cultural development projects, life in Southampton just keeps getting better. We are committed to enhancing the urban experiences of our residents, businesses and visitors as we grow our city economically, and culturally.

Maybe you’d like to come and visit and see what all the fuss is about? Maybe you’d like to come and live here and be part of these exciting times? Whatever you decide, you can be sure of one thing – this is a city on the move and you’re welcome to join us on our voyage. Please explore the following pages to find out what exciting projects are planned for Southampton over the coming years.

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