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Nuffield Southampton Theatres City | 22nd February 2019 - 6th April 2019
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In this season we are celebrating the incredible companies and artists based in Southampton and Hampshire.

With brand new musicals, plays, poetry and physical theatre, there is something for everyone – so take a chance, and see some of the most exciting new shows from around the county.

Big Mouse Strikes Again

A Thrown Together Theatre production

Written and Directed by Rob Franks

Dates: 22 Feb 7:00pm and 23 Feb2:00pm, 7:00pm at NST City

Tickets: £14

Terror has returned to the streets. Dairy Town is engulfed by paranoia, mystery, and ravenous rodents. The sinister Anonymouse lurk in the shadows while the Mayor is powerless to stop them. Who can save the townsfolk, and their beloved cheese, from the monstrous Big Mouse?




Dates: 25 Feb, 7:45pm at NSTCity Studio

Tickets: £5

Experiment is NST’s quarterly scratch performance night, offering a range of exciting new pieces of theatre in development. Artists present their work to test new projects; to ask questions about a piece; or to gather feedback from a friendly and constructively critical audience.


A Duncan Green production

Dates: 26 Feb, 6:30pm and 1March, 8:00pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

What if your mobile phone could speak to you? Connected is a spoken word playthat explores if mobile phones became sentient and their impact on society.

You, Me and All Those Who Came Before

A World Stages Now production

Dates: 26 Feb, 8:00pm and 1 Mar,6:30pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

World Stages Now will use a variety of storytelling techniques to explore and bring to light hidden relations between those who have lived in Southampton for decades and those who have just arrived.

Aeroplanes & Cocktails

A Split Trouser Collective production

Dates: 27 Feb, 6:30pm and 28Feb, 8:00pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

Set in a barren landscape of plastic and metal, Aeroplanes and Cocktails explores the fantasy of starting society again, but from within the debris of the old world.

Tilly and the Spitfires

A 2Time Theatre production

Dates: 27 Feb, 8:00pm and 28Feb, 6:30pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

Pioneering engineer Beatrice Shilling made a vital contribution to Britain’s war effort. ‘Miss Shilling’s Orifice’ cleverly solved the problem of negative-g in the engines of Hurricanes and Spitfires, allowing them to match the might of the Luftwaffe.


A Cyphers Theatre production

Dates: 5 Mar, 6:30pm and 8 Mar,8:00pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

Cyphers take you on a journey of one life, across four centuries. Orlando is a young man in Elizabethan England, starting to write…and a woman in 1920s London, trying to finish. What has changed and what remains?



An Anna Carr & Stewart Taylor production

Dates:5 Mar, 8:00pm and 6 Mar, 6:30pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

A show about control, and what happens when we lose it. It brings us into the world of Dan Manningham, an ordinary office worker, struggling to meet all the deadlines thrown at him.

Something Blue

A Grace Tarr production

Dates: 6 Mar, 8:00pm and 7 Mar,6:30pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

Hester’s dreams of being married are about to come true but there is one more vital event before her big day, her Hen Do! However, being trapped in a wardrobe with her little sister is not exactly what she had planned.


An Amies and Clements production

Dates: 7 Mar, 8:00pm and 8 Mar,6:30pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

A new British musical following two women living a century apart, but connected by their struggle to establish their place in the world and determination to be true to themselves.


A Nuffield Southampton Youth Theatres National Theatre Connections 2019 production

By Ben Bailey Smith & Lajaune Lincoln

Directed by Liam Gifford & Emily Bradshaw

Dates: 28 – 30 Mar 2019 at NST City Studio Theatre

Tickets: £14

Class examines social divisions, populism and reflects the current fraught political climate.

The Night the Ship Went Down

A Brian Hooper production

Dates: 2 and 5 Apr, 7:45pm at NST City

Tickets: £10

This moving, entertaining, informative and respectful production is by three local songwriters and performers, including song, music and spoken word. 

The Cabinet of Fanny du Thé

A Riddlestick Theatre production

Dates: 3 - 4 Apr, 7:45pm at NST City

Tickets: £10

One of The Guardian’s Best Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018. Tales of woe, tales of science, tales of curses, tales of defiance. Also, some juggling. Reach into Fanny’s cabinet for a musical voyage of hilarity.

The Renegade Girls

A Joe Plumb production

Dates: 6 Apr 2:00pm and 4:00pm at NST City

Tickets: £5

The inspiring, kid-friendly story of young Hampshire girls who dared to stand out, telling the real life adventures of Mary Ellis, Joe Carstairs, Queen Victoria, Ellen MaCarthur, Millvina Dean, Amber Reed and Jane Austen.

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