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📅 III Final of “Miles for Bartek”

Oasis Academy Lord's Hill | 26th November 2017, 4:30pm - 6:30pm
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Your are cordially invited to a special event 
organised by “Miles for Bartek” We are a 
fundraising group based in Southampton who 
voluntarily support families with children 
who have disabilities and where there is a 
requirement for these children to have life-long 
What does this mean in practice? Unfortunately, not all rehabilitation needs are covered through the 
NHS and there are occasions where these severely 
disabled children require additional support.  
And this is where we come in. We raise money 
through events and donations from various 
communities in Southampton and surrounding areas. 
So far we have foundraised over £12000. 
On the 26th November 2017 we are organising 
a large-scale event, mainly focussing on 
health and safety of the communities in 
Southamption.  We have invited a number of 
organisatons including the organisation DKMS.  
This organisation registers individuals on its 
stem-cell (bone-marrow) database.  There will be 
an opportunity to Give Blood as well as First Aid 
courses.  The Police and Fire Service will be at the 
event, supporting with advice and just being there 
for our communities talk with them.  We have also 
invited groups who will promote healthy eating 
and lifestyle.
This event is aimed not just at the Polish 
Community, but the wider community in and 
around Southampton.  And we know there is 
already a lot interest from the general public. 
After all, the stem-cell database and the blood 
donations will benefit the whole community.  
Our overall aim is to be able to raise awareness 
and interest in as wide a community as possible.   
To that end, we need support to raise awareness 
through individuals in the public eye or at a more 
ground level support financially. The Polish 
Community in and around Southampton numbers
in excess of 40,000 and we hope to be able to 
contribute more to UK from our community.

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III Final of “Miles for Bartek”

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