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📰 Sustainable Distribution Centre opens in city

We are encouraging local organisations to find out how they can benefit from the delivery and storage services being offered by Southampton’s innovative Sustainable Distribution Centre (SDC) which recently opened for business.
Organisations from within a twenty-mile radius of Southampton can now arrange for deliveries from their suppliers to be received directly by the SDC at any time of the day, where they can then be stored or grouped with other deliveries to the business and its surrounding area. This would result in fewer deliveries being received directly by the organisation using the SDC and fewer delivery vehicles travelling into a particular location.
The SDC also offers environmental benefits to the area it serves including a reduction in congestion and lower carbon emissions.
We successfully secured funding from the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund to kick-start the SDC and support its development. We appointed Meachers Global Logistics, a leading independent provider of logistics and transport services in the United Kingdom, as the operator of the SDC which is located on Nursling Industrial Estate.
Meachers Global Logistics Commercial Director, Gary Whittle said: “The new offering will bring significant commercial opportunities for customers and environmental benefits for the city. Through smarter sustainable logistics users will benefit from just in time deliveries, a smarter use of warehousing space and ultimately reduced costs and increased efficiency. We are already in discussion with a number of public sector organisations regarding the service and intend to roll it out to the private sector mid 2014.”
Councillor Jacqui Rayment, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport said: “I would encourage businesses of all sizes from within a 20 mile radius of Southampton to find out how using the SDC can help them to become more efficient through its affordable delivery and storage solutions, while also reducing the level of carbon emissions and traffic in the city. It has been made possible because Southampton City Council successfully secured the funding required to set it up. This news further consolidates our reputation as the ‘Transport City of the Year 2013’ as we lead the way with our partners in providing innovative transport solutions to local residents and businesses.”
You can find out more about the Sustainable Distribution Centre by clicking here.
    • Sustainable Distribution Centre opens in city

    Sustainable Distribution Centre opens in city