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Southampton Low Carbon Group

Southampton has ambitions to become a world-leading low carbon city. In doing so we will create jobs and prosperity in a green and healthy environment. We want to ensure that there are opportunities for all in the rapidly developing market of green collar jobs.

To achieve this council has produced its Low Carbon City Strategy. The Southampton Low Carbon Group has been established to help deliver this ambition. All businesses can become involved from the construction and marine to universities and transport providers.

Why Join?

  • To help the City develop Low Carbon planning policies
  • To promote green transport schemes
  • You will receive positive profile for your organisation through your participation and association with the Southampton Low Carbon Group
  • You will be fulfilling your corporate social responsibilities
  • You will help to make Southampton the UK Centre for Excellence in and for low carbon activities, including research and development
  • You will be helping to create jobs and improve the region's economy
  • You will be helping Southampton to become sustainable
  • You will be addressing one of the most important challenges to face the world.